Who we are

MABEC Trading S.R.L. It is a company with integral Romanian capital, operating from the year 2006 in the field of renewable energies. Its objectives are to promote clean energy production through efficient and effective use of natural resources.

Our company believes in the energy that comes from nature. The sun, wind, water and geothermal resources, organic and inorganic waste are a real potential for the production of electric energy. Renewable energy supply represents for us the future of energy, a more sustainable future and compatible with the current lifestyle. MABEC Trading believes that renewable energy sources could provide a reduced dependence on fossil raw materials and offer the opportunity to hand generations a habitable planet.

Services offered by MABEC Trading S.R.L. Include consultancy, design, supply and maintenance of systems for the production of household and industrial renewable energy.

Activity sectors:

• Alternative and renewable energy – photovoltaic, solar, Geotermica, wind, biomass, biogas, minihidrocentrale

• Industrial – structured cabling, automation of production lines, lighting, access control, CCTV

• Civil and services – public and private

MABEC Trading SRL performs electrical systems respecting the environment, aiming at saving natural resources and reducing harmful emissions in the atmosphere.

From the beginning of the activity and to the present, our company has achieved a total of about 200 MWp, installed, so distributed annually:
• 2007-1.5 MW of photovoltaic panel installations for public institutions (gyms, schools), centralised in northern Italy.
• 2008-4.8 MW, both for public institutions (gyms, schools, shopping centers), as well as for private (halls, land, private houses), the range of activity extending to the centre of Italy.
• 2009-5.5 MW – public institutions, private houses, farm farms
• 2010 – 6.9 MW – agricultural farms, private houses, industrial halls, agricultural fields
• 2011 were installed 9.3 MW, while the capacity installed in 2012 was 6.9 MW, reaching a total of 34.9 MW.
• 2012 were also installed 3.2 MW of PV in Romania. This allowed MABEC Trading to become one of the most important actors in the construction of photovoltaic power plants in the country.
• In the first 6 months of the year 2013 were mounted 1.2 MW in Italy and more than 5 MW in Romania.

• Between 2013-2020, 155.7 MW were realized, both in the country and abroad.
• In 2021, 120 kW were achieved through the Green House program.

Currently, our objective is to promote the company’s activity on national territory, involving in cooperation a larger number of public and private institutions.

Due to national and international experience, which have credited society as a reliable partner on the international market MABEC Trading S.R.L. It has become a reference point on the PV market by:
• Highly specialised service;
• Precision in the design and realization of photovoltaic installations;
• Fast and efficient delivery of the work;
• Qualified technical assistance;
• Use of quality products.

The company also develops its activities through a continuous process of imbunatire and growth, always considering the customer’s demands and environmental protection.