Civil & Industrial Electric Installations

MABEC Trading Srl manufactures electrical systems respecting the environment, aiming at saving natural resources and reducing harmful emissions in the atmosphere.


Int. Scorţeni, No. 7, Sect. 3, Bucharest

Who we are

We are a Romanian company with a vast experience that has been operating since 2006 on the European energy market. We specialize in the development of civil / industrial electrical systems and also in renewable energy. Our goal is to accompany investors on the Romanian energy market, supporting them in all stages of the project development, proposing innovative solutions.

The services offered by MABEC Trading S.r.l. include consulting, design, supply and maintenance of renewable energy systems for domestic and industrial use.

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We can help you with: Electrical (civil and industrial) & amp; Renewable energy (photovoltaic, thermal, wind, biomass, geothermal, mini hydropower)

Our Services

MABEC Trading S.r.l. is a Romanian-owned company that has been operating since 2006 in the field of renewable energies. Our goals are to promote clean energy production through the efficient and effective use of natural resources.

When it comes to civil, commercial and industrial electrical systems, you need an electrical design engineer to know the value of planning, clear schemes and open communication. We have years of experience in electrical consultancy in a wide range of

We provide a complete service for electrical installations from design, execution, modernisation and to their maintenance. All our electricians are professionally qualified, have extensive experience in commercial, industrial and civil installations.                  

MABEC performs traditional civil electrical installations, according to the requirements of décor and space of the houses. Our special attention is given to all modern facilities and innovative technologies.                      

Photovoltaic solutions ON grid and OFF grid With the experience gained in Italian territory through its collaborations with various clients, leading companies in the field of industrial production and services, MABEC offers safety and professionalism in the implementation of renewable

MABEC designs and installs the most advanced alarm systems. The technology used allows you to adapt the selected components and install customizable alarm systems, keeping the aesthetics of the design. One of the strengths of the company represents the installation

The purpose of the maintenance services of photovoltaic parks is to maintain optimum performance to ensure the maximum productivity of photovoltaic plants, so that the customer obtains a substantial profit. The constant maintenance of the PV plant guarantees efficient operation

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We believe in the energy that comes from nature. Renewable energy supply represents for us the future of energy, a more sustainable future and compatible with the current lifestyle.


MABEC offers optimal and professional solutions to the needs of its collaborators. Improving the quality of products and services is paramount to the company, therefore the equipment and materials used in the activity are certified by the EU.

Unique Work

The company offers its customers total transparency. The projects carried out by MABEC are monitored at each stage of the project, in a precise and detailed manner. This provides customers with confidence in their products and services.


Careful planning along with control over execution time for all project implementation phases are the recipe for our company’s success.

Personalized Services

MABEC offers to its collaborators on the Romanian energy market specialized services for the realization of civil and industrial electrical systems, as well as for the electrical systems in the field of renewable energy.