SolarWorld 280 Watt Solar Panel-Silver Frame

The efficiency on the Sunmodule SW 280-watt solar panel-Silver Frame is up to 16.7% and its power tolerance is 0/+ 2%.

Powerful Energy source for your family!

Powerful Energy source for your family! The AIR 30 is a truly universal, simultaneously powerful and cost-efficient solution for any issues that you might experience when supplying your home (or a small office building) with a sufficient amount of energy. It cannot be argued, that bu all specs This is the ultimate energy choice for off-grid land-based applications in high wind environments. Use it for SCADA, Telecom, security, cathodic protection–you name it. With optimized software!

Additional Pros:
  • Reliable Design
  • Triple Safety Protection For All faults
  • More Efficiency
  • Competitive Price
  • One Package Solution
  • 5 Year Standard Warranty

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