Video Surveillance, detection systems and burglar alarm system

Video Surveillance, detection systems and burglar alarm system

MABEC designs and installs the most advanced alarm systems. The technology used allows you to adapt the selected components and install customizable alarm systems, keeping the aesthetics of the design.

One of the strengths of the company represents the installation services of active security systems that operate both internally and externally, designed for residential buildings, industrial constructions and commercial buildings.

MABEC offers a wide range of integrated solutions for solving the requirements of its clients, namely:
• Video Surveillance systems
• Intrusion Detection systems
• Access Control Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

The video surveillance system can detect and store programmable events on digital or remote support by consulting with PCs/smartphones by sending SMS, e-mail/e-maps. Applications integrated with CCTV systems offered by MABEC are: POS Point of Sale (for control of cash registers or ATMs), LPR-license plate recognition (for identification of license plates), M&UOD-Missing and Unattending Object Detection (to check luggage, parcels, etc.) and AMD Advanced Motion detection (to improve control performance and reduce false alarms).

Anti-burglary security system

MABEC designs and installs burglar alarm systems “turnkey” (equipped with input control devices provided with interior and perimeter sensors, output).
They provide a complete service from the execution phase to the post-sale phase, created for the safety of public and private buildings and securing the perimeter of PV installations.
The company through its subsidiary MABEC Trading, is certified to implement burglar alarm systems; By collaborating with important manufacturers of industry-leading security systems, it offers personalized services burglar alarm system , which respect the needs of each client.

Access control
MABEC has extensive experience in installing access control and presence systems. These systems are designed to control and monitor the flow of people
Transiting the enclosure. Access is detected by electronic keys, badges or with the help of the biometric system (fingerprint, eye, facial features verification).
The system has a personal computer that allows real-time control of all data collected by the control equipment.
Therefore, it has a very high degree of importance of security, with the possibility of connecting this system to the mentioned alarm.

Special solutions for photovoltaic systems

MABEC designs and installs video surveillance systems and burglar alarm systems for the protection and securing of the perimeter of photovoltaic systems. The services offered include perimeter solutions or integrated solutions with video surveillance and access control systems. All surveillance solutions are complemented by an automated internal system that has the role of constantly checking activity and alerting in case of malfunction. The surveillance system provides efficient operation, avoiding any unpleasant situation that can affect the activity of the photovoltaic system.